Joann J MacKenzie, "The Financial Maestro & Managing Member - Money Matters 911 LLC

Welcome to the website of "The Financial Maestro"!    I've created this website to help you understand financial issues and opportunities which influence your wealth accumulation, estate planning and business continuity planning.  If you are like most of my clients, you don't have the time or interest to research, analyze, evaluate and select the best financial alternatives for your situation on a website!  So, I hope after you become familar with my experience, philosophy and way of doing business that you will simply contact me to arrange a complimentary first meeting.

In the way of background, I own a Family Wealth Management Firm and specialize in creating customized financial solutions for established individuals.  The majority of my clients are business owners with substantial planning already in place and a wealth of good advisors BUT they lack a "coordinator,"  "quarterback" or "Maestro" to help them achieve the best results.  As their Financial Maestro, I come to know the score (objectives and dreams) and harmonize all the instruments and players available to eliminate "gaps" in their planning.  These "gaps" usually have big price tags!